Meet My Dogs
I have never known life without dogs. As far back as I can remember they have always been part of my life. I grew up with Black Labs and German Shepherds, but we have also had Jack Russells and Yorkshire Terriers, which my mother breeds and used to show. Recently I have got into Beagles which are extremely loving but can be challenging and I have helped my mum with her first Working Cocker Spaniel who is great fun and very trainable.

This is Bracken (Clarice Blush), my 9 year old beagle.
Bracken is my dog of a lifetime, together we have achieved many firsts. She has all of her KC good citizens awards and our CCEG dog club platinum obedience award. She has competed in obedience and in 2013 we were part of the KC Good Citizens Gold Award team display at Crufts. At the age of 4, she started competing in agility, something that neither of us had ever done and had no formal training for. We quickly progressed and she is now competing at grade 7, which is the top grade, in championship classes having achieved her Agility Warrant Gold.

This is Bramble (Charterwood Danita).
Bramble is 3 years old and has joined Bracken competing in agility. She has her KC Good Citizens Bronze and Silver. She has achieved an amazing amount in her short agility career; she has reached KC grade 6 and has achieved her Agility Warrant Silver, all in her first 18 months of competition. She has the makings of a great little agility dog, although occassionally her challenging personality can make life interesting!

Bracken and Bramble together are wonderful. Whether playing, posing or sleeping, they love to keep each other company.