The grooming process
When you arrive, we will discuss the style that you would like; wherever practical, we will follow your wishes, as long as it does not cause your dog stress.

Your dog will receive a basic health check; we then brush the coat out to remove tangles, mats and dead hair, followed by bath time. We will use a high quality shampoo suited your dog’s coat and skin type. If your dog has a skin problem and a prescribed shampoo, please tell us and bring in the shampoo; we will use this for the groom and make sure that no finishing sprays are used.

Your dog will then be towel dried and finished with either the blaster (suitable for double coats) or ionic finishing dryer, depending in which is most suitable for the dog’s coat and temperament. We do not use cabinet dryers. The coat will then be brushed through again, styled and finished. Nails will be clipped, eyes and ears cleaned and excessive ear hair removed , if necessary.